Our Comprehensive Business Package

We provide a comprehensive variety of services to businesses, whether operating your business as a sole trader, in a partnership or as a company all of which are aimed at giving You peace of mind to concentrate on their business rather than dealing with legal issues relating to your business. We assist our clients in drafting contracts, chasing debt or dealing with problems with employees. In fact, we can assist you in the prevention of most of these problems in the first place.

Company Law & Partnership Law

The complex areas of company and partnership law can be made much simpler by having our experts on your side from the formation of your business. You may want to contact us before you start your business, and we will advise you of the best legal structure for your business. If you do decide to enter into a partnership, we will draft the contract for you (see below, contracts). If you decide the best legal structure for your business is a Limited liability company, we will assist you in the formation of your business. We also provide "company secretary" services (an official position in a limited liability company required by law).


We specialise in the provision of tailor-made contracts, to meet your requirements. The art of drafting contracts is a specialist skill, requiring technical knowledge, as well as the ability to envisage difficulties which might arise in the future. Our experience in drafting contracts will ensure that the events that can be envisaged, taking into account your particular business, will be addressed in the contract, to protect you and your business.
We advise in situations where a party does not honour the agreement.

Debt Recovery

Your business may be successful on paper, but if you do not collect monies owed to your business, you may have cash flow problems. We will assist you in dealing with debt recovery, to free your time for your business. Our service will take in your initial demand when you decide action is required, through to the court process. We manage the entire debt process from the moment you decide to take action.

Acting for Employers

Our primary aim is to assist you - the employer – in arranging your Human Resources department in a manner which will prevent disputes between you and your employees. 

We will train and assist you as you expand your business. We will ensure that you are aware of all new developments in the law, which might have an effect on your relationship with your employees.

For small firms we offer external Human Resources support, which will deal with all your human resources issues.

For larger firms, we will train your Human Resources staff and update them.

We will prepare your staff handbooks for you.

We will prepare standard or tailor made staff contracts for each member of staff.

If you are in the unfortunate position to have a complaint made against you, we will assist you in ensuring that the case is properly handled. A badly-handled case could cost your business a vast amount of money.


We will assist you in ensuring that you comply with the law when you want to employ someone from abroad. We also advise and assist those who are coming to the United Kingdom as investors.

Our Fees

We have a number of payment packages to suit your business.  Packages include payment, on a monthly basis, on a case by case basis, or document by document basis. Contact us and we will discuss the package which will best suit your business.